COVID - 19 Policy

Massage treatments are ready to re-start on 13th July to which, we are thrilled!  However, treatments will be slightly different for the remainder of 2020 as a way to keep you, me, and the wider community safe in this crazy time! 

The biggest difference will be that I will NOT BE OFFERING MOBILE TREATMENTS for the remainder of 2020. That means that treatments will be done within my own home. Please respect that due to this I will not be taking on any new clients unless through referral by an existing client. For this, I apologise but it is actually the easiest way to comply with all of the government guidelines and my insurance policy. Treatments will also be a maximum of 45 minutes of hands-on contact. To lay it out really simply, here is a list of what is expected from us both going forwards. 

What I will do for you

  • Treatments will be limited to one per day unless clients are from the same household to ensure that space can be cleaned and maintained to the highest standard for both of our safety. 

  • Treatment space is in a well-ventilated room with double doors out to the garden for both your comfort and health. I promise you will be kept warm on chilly days! 

  • Hand santiser will be provided for you to use on arrival. 

  • I will wear a mask when you arrive and then a visor for the full duration of your treatment. 

  • I will always ensure that the space is clean, private, and comfortable. 

  • ALL equipment used will be washed at high heat and sanitised immediately after each use. 

  • A toilet is accessible but as a way of limiting as much contact as possible, it is preferred if you use your own bathroom facilities before arriving for your massage. 

  • A basket will be provided for you to put your clothes into.

What you will do for me

  • Please arrive wearing your own facemask. This is an essential stage and treatment will not continue without. This is not government regulation but is a measure to help keep my home safe. You will only have to wear your mask when face to face or laying face up on the couch. 

  • Please arrive wearing clothing that is clean and simple to get in and out of (eg, as little layers as possible). Please bring as little 'stuff'. That means no handbags, backpacks etc as all of your personal belongings will have to fit into the basket provided. 

  • Please arrive with your own bottle of water for after your treatment as this will not be provided for you. 

  • Please arrive freshly washed with clean hair. 

  • You will complete a health questionnaire on arrival, with your own pen. This is a fully confidential form. This is not part of a government scheme and your details will not be shared, it is simply for my own records and insurance. 

What we will do for each other 

  • Honest communication. If you feel like you may have any sort of symptom of Covid-19 in the three days leading up to your appointment, please cancel. I will of course do the same and may cancel your appointment with less than 24 hours notice if I suspect any reason to do so. 

  • Respect each other's space. General social distancing on entrance and exit will be in place.  


The last element of being in my home is that I have a dog! He is a super gentle boy but he will want to say hello to you when you arrive before he settles upstairs. If he doesn't get to say hello he will cry until you leave, heartbroken you didn't want to be his friend.  In general, my house is not suitable for anyone allergic to dogs! 

Treatments Available

Back Massage

Full Body Massage (45 minutes)


Deep Tissue 

** Scalp, Indian Head treatments and facial massages are not available**