The Yoga Playlist

Music. It's a very special thing.

Infact, there is a not a word worthy enough to emphasise how special music is.

Nothing else can create an atmosphere, highlight our emotions, reduce us to tears of joy or pain or allow us to get lost in another world in quite the way that music does. Using a set playlist in yoga has become the norm in classes worldwide and I am not talking chanting monks and annoying bell noises but beautiful, inspiring, soul stirring, heart opening music.

We must remember though that music is very personal. I taught a one to one class with a guy who after lots of trial and error we figured could only meditate to heavy metal music. Hey, it didn't work for me but for him it was the only thing that could silence his thoughts, he loved it. It was a unique yoga playlist to say the least!

I am always being aked, "what was the song playing while we were in tree pose?" or, "that song at the start, who sings that?". So here is just a few some of my personal favourites from this years class playlists.

Yinyues feat. Mimi Page, Everything.

No other song gets more requests than this one. Most of my yogis will recognise this as 'the song we start class too'. Why? Simple... it is stunning.

Susie Suh, Here With Me. One of those all consuming songs you drift into...

"This feeling begins just like a spark,

Tossing and turning inside of your heart,

Exploding in the dark".

Jose Gonzalez, Stay Alive.

This song just gets me every time.

John Butler Trio, Young and Wild. Here is a man that truely feels his music! This is the live version of a song that gets a lot of love in class. A few of his songs make my yoga and massage playlists but this one holds a special place.

Michael Franti & Spearhead, Have a Little Faith.

A lovely song, I have been a big fan of this guy for years! Say Hey ( I love You) and Sound of Sunshine also made quite a few appearances during our summer classes!

Another class favourite - Xavier Rudd, Follow the Sun.

Wah! Twilight.

This is my all time savasana favourite. I only wish it lasted for longer than 5 minutes!

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